April 2007
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April 2007 Newsletter

We haven't written a newsletter in quite awhile, but we thought we'd update you on the goings on in our lives. Craig defended his thesis in January and immediately started a post-doc in our department. Wendy is on her way to finishing sometime in late summer. The PhD job market is not so great right now, but Wendy has managed to get two on-site interviews in April. One at a small pharmaceutical company in Boston and one at Merck outside of Philadelphia. If either of the interviews is successful, you'll be able to read about it here.

Wendy hadn't cut her hair since before Isaac was conceived, so it has gotten pretty long. Something a little more professional seemed in order for the job search--not to mention the long locks were driving both her and Isaac crazy by getting in the way.

So Wendy decided to get her hair cut and donate it to Locks of Love--which is quite the popular thing to do around here.



Isaac and Orion share a snuggle.

Chocolate covered matzoh is da bomb!


Isaac refused to eat any of the pear slices Craig carefully cut him, preferring to gnaw on the core instead.

Eating pear corn-on-the-cob style. Notice that Isaac's highchair has been replaced by a booster seat at the table.

Recently Isaac has been charming and disconcerting us by spontaneously imitating household tasks (i.e. "What else has he been observing and learning?"). He empties the dishwasher, puts throw pillows on the bed, swiffers the floor...and this evening, after months of watching us feed the cats through the gate at the top of the basement stairs, Isaac decided to help out.

Step 1) Open the food bin.

Step 2) Root around until you find the food.

Step 3) Sprinkle the food on the floor.

Step 4) Repeat. Orion decided that the new creature is good for something after all.