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April/May 2006 Newsletter

We have been BUSY since we last up dated our site in--yikes! March. In April we celebrated Passover and Craig's 27th birthday. On April 12th, Wendy's host sister Kathi had her baby: Elisabeth Lenz. Mazel tov to Kathi and Jan.

In addition to Kathi's nose, looks like she got her Mutti's moodiness...We stole this picture from Elisabeth's own website, Jan titled it "Not Funny". To see more of her, click here.


Craig's birthday was quite an event this year. Wendy surprised him by inviting friends over to play Settlers of Catan (the present she got for him). Isaac surprised all of us by rolling over for the first time while we were watching Craig open his gifts.

Playing Settlers with our friends (left to right) Clare, Fernando (not actually in picture), Ben, Chris and Morgan.

Craig opening gifts.

Craig blowing out all 27!! candles. Hopefully he made a good wish and didn't wish for what Wendy did last year...Wendy isn't quite ready for a second one yet.

Isaac looks about as surprised as we were to discover himself on his tummy all of a sudden.

Our friends David Adam Adler and Rachel Adams (we wanted to emphasize the huge number of A's that appeared on the wedding invites--it isn't often that two people both so far up in the alphabet marry) got married on May 21st (incidently the 1 year anniversary of our other friends Clare and Rob--the same catering company did both weddings). The wedding and reception were at our synagogue. Rachel rivals Wendy for domesticity, and the wedding was as elegant and beautiful as one would expect from her!

Isaac and Craig after the ceremony...for those of you who wondered what our synagogue looks like

Isaac enjoyed dancing with Mom and playing airplane with Dad in the hall outside the reception.

It is tradition at Jewish celebrations to dance. The halvah nagillah is danced with everybody holding hands and moving in a circle. The chair dance is a little more dangerous--guests of honor (the father of the groom and mother of the bride are pictured above) are lifted on chairs by the celebrants and danced around the room. Lar Biderman's (on the right holding the chair) wife fell out of the chair at their wedding. Rachel managed to come away uninjured even following a wipe out during the halvah nagillah.

We went to the Israel Festival at the JCC (Jewish Community Center where Isaac will hopefully start Day Care at 18 months--when we, if all goes well, have real jobs and can afford the $1100/month bill). A group of anti-Israeli picketers has sprung up in Ann Arbor in the past few years. They picket the conservative synagogue every Sabbath--an act that our rabbi equates with picketing an Episcopalian church because of the problems in Northern Ireland. It has become extremely disruptive for the Conservative Jews. They have shown up at our synagogue from time to time, are at art fair and at the local grocery store that carries a lot of Jewish foods. They showed up to the JCC this day and were so loud that neighbors called the police. By the time we arrived (Craig was singing with our temple choir late in the day), the police were there to keep things a little more peaceful.

For some reason, Kinsa decided that she wanted to sit on top of our bird feeder. Since we positioned the pole far enough from the steps to prevent this, it was no mean feat. Wendy came home to find Kinsa on the steps investigating the feeder, then looked out 30 minutes later to find Kinsa on the feeder. In the three years we've had it, she'd never done this before. Nor has she done it since. This erratic behavior didn't surprise us. Kinsa refuses to eat wet food, then suddenly for two days last year, she ate it. The third day, she went back to her wet food ban and has remained firm ever since.

Here is Sox in yet another box.