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On Sunday of Isaac's 2 week birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom went home to Marietta. This left Isaac all alone with his Mom and Dad for the first time. The three of us did great the first half of the week. On Thursday, however, Isaac started getting gas that left him fussy and very uncomfortable. Wendy spent Thursday night holding him so he wouldn't cry. He's doing a little better now and we are almost caught-up on our sleep.

On Tuesday, the three of us ventured out into the Ann Arbor cold. Here are Isaac and Wendy in the back of our Accord.



Our friend Dylan (center front) was having a going away party at Ann Arbor Brewing Company. Wendy was afraid Isaac might get carded, but he didn't. He slept through the entire party.

That same evening after coming home from the bar, Isaac got his first real bath. First we had to wait for his cord to fall off, then for his circumcision to heal. Isaac was very curious about the guy in the mirror. Real Isaac is on the right, his reflection is on the left.

Isaac is finally dried off and has quit wailing.

Thursday afternoon, Isaac and Wendy met with the rabbi to plan his Pidyon Ha-Ben. This is the redemption of the first born. Afterwards, we all went to a baby shower for Mike and Chris Africa (the couple in the back of the photo) at the Chemical Engineering dept. Isaac was finally big enough to be dressed in something besides a sleeper! Our friend Stephanie is holding him in this picture. Mike and Chris are expecting a girl Olivia who will be delivered by C-section Monday, December 5.


Friday evening Isaac got dressed up to attend Tot Shabbat at the synagogue. This is the outfit we originally bought for his bris, but it was waaaay too big two weeks ago!



Isaac got to meet Maisie at tot shabbat. She was at his bris, but he didn't seem to remember her...Maisie is the daughter of our friends Pyper (pictured next to Craig) and B.J. She was born on September 22 this year.

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