Baby Isaac Finishes Week 1 Strong
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Baby Isaac loves his $1 bouncy seat! Here he is with his lion--made at a Kenyan women's craft co-op. When Craig opened the lion at our shower, he thanked the Ankroms for the stuffed bear. The lion has been officially renamed "the bear with the wig."

Craig plays Shalom Aleichem on the guitar for Isaac's first shabbat. Isaac had to enjoy the challah, meatballs and spinach salad second-hand. That bouncy seat is turning out to be one of our best yard sale purchases! He sits in it under Wendy's sunlamp to help break-down his bilirubins. Grandma Ankrom calls it "Isaac at the beach."

Here is Isaac showing what he thinks of chemistry. He stuck his sock-covered hand up in the air for the photo. This was accompanied by a shriek. We are convinced he was giving chemistry the single deuce under his sock.


Isaac got to watch his first ever Michigan-Ohio State game on Saturday, November 19. For those of you who don't know, Isaac's Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom are OSU alumni. Aunt Kim Ankrom is a senior in chemical engineering at OSU and was accepted to vet school there this past week. (We also add that Aunt Kim was called into the dean of admissions office following her interview to be told that she was immediately accepted.) Here is Isaac in his first ever OSU sweatshirt and the Michigan hat Mommy knitted for him. He has some growing to do. Maybe he can fit in them for next year's game. He looks as enthusiastic about the game as Wendy...

Isaac and Wendy after a late-night feeding. Notice Wendy's pregnancy freckles and Isaac's yellow tinge. Both Mom and baby are recovering well from the birth aside from a re-aggravation of Wendy's tail-bone injury. She has to sit on an inflatable doughnut to nurse.

Isaac gets a sponge bath. Isaac hates to be cold--can you tell? He doesn't mind sitting around in a wet and pooey diaper, but woe to anyone who tries to change it unless the room is about 80 degrees.

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