Baby Isaac Is Two Weeks Old!
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Wendy's Mom took two weeks off of work to help us. Anyone who has ever spent time with Wendy knows that taking care of the newborn was cake compared to keeping up with Wendy's plans. After cleaning the house, helping Wendy get the bris simcha set-up and making the Thanksgiving dinner (this was a particular challenge as Wendy has recently koshered the kitchen--Linda did a lot of transferring to new bowls like when Wendy walked in to find her using the meat bowl to make pumpkin pie). Poor Linda gets a much needed nap with Isaac and Kinsa.

The day before Isaac's bris was sunny and warm(ish). Wendy granted everyone a two-hour recess from bris preparations to take the baby on a walk to Ypsilanti's Depot town. Linda treated us to ice cream and Kim (see bundled in coat and gloves) to hot chocolate.


Isaac meets his Grandpa Steve the evening before his bris.

Isaac celebrates his first Thanksgiving. Grandma Ankrom did the cooking. Though it isn't obvious from the photograph, the glare in the window is from the 3 inches of snow we got the day before Thanksgiving.



Isaac meets his Aunt Kate. Hard to say which of them is making the strangest face.

Isaac meets his Aunt Kim Comisar. We aren't sure what he has against her, but the sentiment was clear...

He peed all over her shirt.


Isaac gets a little lunch at the table on Thanksgiving. Wendy wishes to point out that for some reason Craig thought her plate should be in the photo. She would NEVER leave a good china plate (or any plate for that matter) hanging so far off the edge of the table.

Isaac gets another bath. His cord had actually fallen off before his bris. Look at how chunky he has gotten since he was born!

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