Baby Isaac At the Hospital
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Isaac wasn't quite sure he had been born. After tolerating labor remarkably well, his breathing was very weak following birth. We knew there was a problem when his arm flopped onto Wendy's stomach and Dr. Stalburg said, "I'm going to cut the cord, call peds down here right away." But, by the time peds got to the room, he was breathing on his own and pinking up nicely. His little episode resulted in having to get three glucose tests over the next several hours.

Isaac's delivery crew... from left to right.  Dr. Caren Stalburg [Wendy's O.B.], Scott [med. student with a pregnant wife who helped in the final stages of labor], and Lorie the labor and delivery nurse [Wendy's chief helper before Isaac was born]. 

Here we are meeting our son for the first time.

Isaac gets his first meal. For some reason, nurses love the "football hold". This requires you to enlist a helper to arrange pillows under your arm. The baby then has to be situated under your arm and held up onto the breast. Isaac got his first and last football holds at the hospital!

Grandpa Ankrom took care of Isaac on Monday afternoon at the hospital so Mommy could sleep. Isaac had kept his parents up all night.

The maternity ward was so packed the night of the 13th, that Wendy got transferred to a room on the 7th floor for recovery. We went from a spacious room that looked more like a hotel to a normal hospital room. We all had to squeeze together into Wendy's bed for a nap.


  Early on Wednesday, we were told there would be another woman and baby in our tiny room, so we opted to check out at Isaac's 24 hour mark even though it would be late at night. The pediatric residents tried to talk us out of it, but Isaac passed his jaundice test and our nurse negotiated a check-out deal for us.

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