Baby Isaac Is 4 & 5 months old
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The fact that it has been so long since we updated out website should be an indication of what Isaac is like to live with. At home: life is booooring. Away from home: par-ty. Isaac's favorite things are taking walks, being carried in a carrier (we now own 4 strollers and 4 baby carriers), meeting new people (he is such a flirt!), and playing. He's starting to also enjoy stories. His favorite is "Whose Tail?" by Sam Lloyd. He'll stop crying and laugh as soon as we open it. We recently took him to pick out some new books. He opted for baby sign-language books that have photographs of babies making signs. Oh, nearly forgot, he LOVES the cats. They also make him go from crying to laughing just by walking by. Orion and Sox are the only two brave enough to get close. Orion has had his ears, whiskers and neck pulled so many times, but never complains.

Isaac trumps Trogdor by yaking on him.



Sorry, Isaac, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Mom made this for Isaac before he was born.



Isaac helping Daddy play the guitar.



Somehow the cute baby outfits just look silly when your baby is a 20lb. hoss.


Isaac meets the dragon at the Toledo zoo.

Once upon a time, Isaac was a good little boy and slept in his crib. His Mommy and Daddy followed all of the SIDS prevention recommendations: firm mattress, no blankies, no toys, keep the room cool, put baby on back. And Isaac slept very nicely. He was even going to bed at 10 pm and sleeping until 2 then again until Mommy and Daddy woke him up in the morning. Then, one night, Isaac's crib became enemy Number One. Now, Isaac will only sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. And don't try to call us/email us with advice. We are engineers, we've tried it alllllll. It won't work. Isaac will not be dissuaded.

Isaac's Wheels

Isaac in his swamp buggy at the disc golf course.


Wendy found this hand-carved solid wood rockin' motorcycle for $25!! at the second-hand kid's store. It had just come in and wasn't even tagged yet when Wendy bought it. They specialize in junky toys and clothes--not antique toys.

Isaac Meets Hot Chicks

Okay, well, she's Isaac's Aunt, but the other boys will think she's a hot chick.

Someday he won't be yawning...Our neighbor Decky with us at the annual botanical garden plant sale.

Isaac Starts Solid FoodI

Isaac loves his fruits in vegetables, but isn't crazy about the iron-fortified cereal he's supposed to get. Here he is having his first meal: squash. He also loves: broccoli, asparagus, melon, bananas, mango, pear, apple, zucchini, spinach, avocado, and carrot. He appears to be allergic to: sweet potato, strawberry (maybe), and potato. Mom mixes powdered cereal in with the vegetables and adds enough breastmilk to make it runny.

What a big meal...

We took a CPR/First Aid class in case Isaac chokes. Three out of Wendy's eleven cousins had their lives saved as children by the Heimlich manuever. Here we are finding Isaac's pulse.

Here is Isaac tasting the baby's hand.

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