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Isaac turned 6 months in style: Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom, Aunt Kim Ankrom, and Great-grandparents Ankrom (Nanee and Mamaw) came to visit. Isaac got to go swimming in their hotel pool and also went to dinner at the Gandy Dancer--a posh Ann Arbor restaurant.

Just before turning 6 months, Isaac mastered rolling from his back to his front. Just after turning 6 months, he got really good at sitting on his own, started sitting up on his own if laying on a pillow, started trying to grasp things with his thumb and forefinger (pincher grasp), and has started scooting backwards when lying on his back, and scooting forward a bit when on his tummy. Isaac also recently started chewing: he stole a cheerio from a girl at day care and bread from Mom at Shavuot. He did so well with these, that we've started giving him cheerios, toast and steamed spears of asparagus to chew on.

Isaac's 6 Month Birthday

Isaac absolutely loves playing in the tub, so we decided to see how he would like the pool. He loved it, too. At the end of June, he'll start infant/parent swimming lessons. His first pool experience was in a bath-tub temperature pool. Yesterday, Wendy took him into our wading pool to see how he handled regular pool water. He also loved it. He didn't even mind when he ended up getting his face under water while trying to lunge for a rubber duck.

Isaac at the Gandy Dancer. We always get complimented on how well behaved he is in public.

Isaac eats Mamaw's diamond ring.


Good-bye Lisa! We'll miss you.

May 19th was Isaac's last day at Toddler Town day care. Lisa's husband took a job in Portland, OR, so she closed the day care. Here is Isaac with Lisa and her son Josh.


Lisa's daughter Elisabeth holds Isaac. She and Josh always fought over who got to hold Isaac. He'll miss being the center of attention.

Isaac gets his first taste of challah at Shavuot.

Isaac the spinach monster.

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