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This baby had better get here soon. Wendy is out of projects, Isaac's room is over-flowing, and we are out of money (mainly thanks to the afghan debacle, described below).

Appliquéd Wall Hangings: Wendy used the copier to enlarge patterns for bibs 400%. 


Animal Quilt: Wendy even took a machine quilting class for this project. It took all summer, but it is finally finished!

And here is the finished animal quilt! Wendy finally got it quilted this past weekend (in addition to putting up our sukkah--will she never slow down?!) Since it is a little hard to see, the animals going left to right, top to bottom are: tortoise, wildebeest*, rhino, crown crane*, hippo, impala* (or is it a gazelle?), hyena*, zebra, elephant, ostrich*, crocodile*, monkey, croc*, cheetah, lion, flamingo, impala, white pelican*, warthog*, elephant, giraffe, cheetah, gray parrot*, and zebra. The designs come from A Quilter's Ark, but Wendy adapted a few designs and/or made her own, denoted by *'s. 

The quilt is big enough to fit on Isaac's toddler bed, which, if he grows as quickly as his parents, will be his bed for many years to come. It was Wendy's trundle bed when she was a girl...she might even still fit in it!

Polar fleece Blankets: We don't have any pictures of these. Wendy made two: one with cartoony lions, tigers and cheetahs, one bright yellow one with monkeys and palm trees. They should keep Isaac sweating even in our Michigan winter!

Sheetsavers: Also no photos. Wendy made three of these: flannel quilted on top of rubberized sheeting. They tie into the crib and are supposed to minimize the need for sheet changing.

Rocking Chair Pad: This was Wendy's first baby project after she emerged from her first-trimester coma--see the rocker in Isaac's bedroom photo. Linda is convinced Wendy will beg to have the Ankrom's red lazy boy rocker for nursing. Linda tried nursing in a wooden rocker, but wooden rockers and post-partum bottoms don't mix well. Wendy would not even let the red lazy boy rocker in her house over her dead body (she would haunt the place). The Ankroms tried to donate the rocker to a co-worker who had lost everything in a flood. The co-worker refused it. 

Changing Table Sheets: Wendy made two of these. The cats have them thoroughly tested. Looks like Isaac had better get used to having his clothes covered with cat hair! 

Birth Sampler: Linda is still working on Wendy and Craig's wedding sampler. Wendy wisely chose a much simpler design and got the baby's sampler finished. Notice the kippot and tallitot on the animals. (Did we mention that Wendy picked out the wedding sampler for Linda to make us?)

Just waiting to add the birth information...

Baby Afghan: We both took a knitting class at the beginning of October (Wendy was clean out of baby projects!), but Craig's knitting was too slow. He only got a few rows in before Wendy commandeered it. Craig chose the most expensive yarn in the store, thinking we'd only need 4 skeins. Neither of us bothered to read that each skein only contained 99 feet of yarn. Then, Wendy over-estimated how many stitches wide the afghan should be by about a factor of two. Seventeen skeins, $120, and one month later:

Craig, Ouba and Balin test Isaac's blankie. Too bad it weighs approximately as much as the baby! Well, at least Isaac will be able to use it until he marries. Wendy figures his wife will say, "Honey, that thing is sooo turn of the century! What were your parents thinking with those colors?"