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In spring 2004 we decided to tackle the back of our condo. It was landscaped with two over-pruned Yews. The sand around our condo is about 110% sand. We knew compost would be required if we expected anything to thrive behind our condo. So, Craig's mom Becky came up for several days to help. We picked up 3 pick-up loads of compost at the local composting center and began the painful task of cutting the sand with the compost. This required wheelbarrow loads of sand to be carted off to a top secret location for disposal. After three days of arduous work and a compost pile that seemed to get bigger, we were ready to plant. 

Our back garden. Not much was blooming when this picture was taken. At least not much that can be seen from the yard. We strategically planted this garden from the outside in so we can enjoy it from the living room. We'd hate to think our nasty neighbor behind us who is always contacting the condo board to complain about wastes of money (such as landscaping) would be able to enjoy it.
We enjoy watching squirrels come to our feeder. It is a steel box with a hinged lid. According to the catalogue they could figure out how to get the nuts out on their own. After several weeks of waiting, we decided to give them a little help...we propped the lid open with successively shorter sticks. They did eventually figure it out. On really cold or rainy days, they like to crawl inside while they eat. On nicer days, take-out is preferred.

Note, this is our back yard before we re-landscaped.