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This is our room. Wendy finally convinced Craig to let her take up the carpeting this past spring. Craig's dad can sniff a bargain out better than we can. He found a factory outlet in Cincinnati where we could buy 5x7 rugs (made in America) for $17 apiece. We bought a rug for Isaac's room and one for ours. 
This is your room when you come to visit us. The walls are actually poinsettia red--the color is a bit washed-out in this picture. The secretary next to the bed originally belonged to Wendy's great-grandparents Ankrom. Randy took a notion to paint it green at some point in his youth--a decision that eventually banished it to the Ankrom attic. He told Wendy she could have it if she wanted. Wendy's Grandma Steele refinished it for her and had some repairs done. It turned out beautifully!