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Remember when we posted those weekly pictures of Wendy's baby-tum? Well, it has been an entire year since our little guy entered the world. In honor of the occasion, we threw Isaac not one, but two huge birthday bashes.

On Saturday, November 12th, our family and friends gathered for Act 1 of the birthday weekend marathon.

Act 1!

The night before the party Isaac's great-grandparents Ankrom took us out to dinner at Bob Evan's.

Isaac enjoys his birthday meal: zucchini souffle, pasta salad with roasted veggies, baked salmon with pear glaze and challah.

Some of our guests (clockwise from bottom left): Uncle Troy, Aunt Kim A., Grandpa Ankrom, Grandma Ankrom, "Uncle" Rob, Mom and Bubbe.

More guests (clockwise from bottom left): Great-grandpa Steele, Great-grandma Ankrom, Great-grandma Steele, and Great-grandpa Ankrom.

Probably the only birthday at which Isaac will stand so calmly surrounded by so much booty.

Isaac showed more excitement over the dishes from Great-grandma Ankrom than he did over any of his new toys. Hmm...

The birthday theme was rubber duckies. There were duckies all over the house including crepe paper ducky streamers (you can truly find anything on the internet) and this duck pond cake. Dad flipped when he found out how much it cost. Maybe next year he will offer to bake.

Typically Isaac loves all sweets. By cake time, however, he was starting to get a little sleepy. (No, those are not horns on his forehead. Uncle Troy decided to give Isaac some icing war paint.) The lion slippers were a gift from Bubbe.

Isaac thought the party would be a lot more fun with a little beer...

Wendy baked four enormous loaves of her famous challah for the simcha. Isaac is grinning in anticipation.

This wild thing should probably be in the zoo...At least that is what Balin (orange blob in the bottom of the frame) thinks. Isaac chases Balin and bites him with those new teeth.

Isaac says, "Wow, is this thing real? I didn't think anyone really had mustaches anymore. Well, except for porn stars, maybe."

Wendy cooking the birthday lunch. Check out that porno mustache in the background.

Isaac and yet another Brazilian au pair modeling his new puppy hat. For some bizarre reason, he doesn't seem to mind wearing it.

Isaac was highly unimpressed with the traditional Jewish birthday chair lift.

Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom gave Isaac a climber for his birthday. Mom insisted on setting it up in the living room. Isaac, who loves anything resembling a climber at day care, rolled several balls and cars down it the evening of his party then hasn't gone near it or the new cars since. Oh well. Eventually we are certain he will get a kick out of it.






At 2a.m. on Sunday morning, Wendy woke-up feeling like something was a little off. When she shifted Isaac in the bed, she noticed that her right breast was extremely tender. Within a few minutes she was shaking badly and had to wake Craig up. "Sweetie, I need you to wake up and stay calm. I think there is something wrong with me." Wendy, being a hobby physician diagnosed herself with mastitis. In lay terms this is a clogged milk duct. The milk backs up and bacteria grow. If untreated it can lead to formation of an abscess. The best treatment is nursing and/or pumping on the affected side to clear the clog. Isaac was sleeping, so Craig brought Wendy her breast pump. What little milk came out was extremely bloody. By then Wendy was shaking badly and thought she probably had a fever over 100 (our thermometer registered her temp. as 97.8 and Craig's as 95, so it wasn't much to go on). Craig wanted to take her to the ER but settled for calling her ob's office which transferred him to the U of M birthing center. So, exactly 52 weeks after placing a 2 a.m. call to the birthing center to say Wendy was in labor, here we were again. The ob suggested warm compresses, pumping, nursing, tylenol, and a call to Wendy's ob who would come on duty at 7 a.m. Can you say dejavu?

Wendy's parents came over in the morning when they heard Wendy had been up all night sick. By then, Wendy couldn't even get out of bed. Her ob called in a prescription for antibiotics and ordered her to report to the ER in 24 hours for hospitalization if her fever wasn't gone. Wendy and Isaac rested while Craig went to teach from noon to three. Then at three, Wendy got herself together for party Part 2.

Act 2!

For the second party, we rented a party room at Fantasy Forest which is an awesome indoor playground (think McDonald's playland on steroids). There are also areas especially for crawlers and young toddlers.

Isaac with some friends at his party. In the pink stripes is Josie, Isaac's day care playmate. In the pink shirt is Olivia who though only three weeks younger than Isaac is 10 lbs. lighter. Christopher, son of work friends, was the only other boy at Isaac's party.

Olivia with her Daddy.

Olivia, who is possibly more hyper than Isaac seems to have been everywhere...Here she is again with baby Lilly. Lilly is 4 months younger than Isaac, but they got their first teeth in the same week as each other.

Isaac and Josie (Isaac's chief girlfriend at day care) play with one of Isaac's favorite Fantasy Forest toys. We would like to point out that although we sent Isaac to a Jewish day care to find a nice Jewish girl, the girl he brings home turns out to not even be Jewish. Oh well. He could certainly have done much worse. Josie is not only adorable, she is outgoing and energetic enough to keep-up with Isaac's antics (like having a toy barn dropped on her head and being run over by Isaac pushing the baby stroller around the room).

Fantasy Forest has a few rules including: "No climbing the slide." There are photographs posted showing proper and improper slide use, and periodically staff will make a reminder announcement about not climbing up the slide. Isaac, however, single mindedly pursued climbing the slide. Here he is making a break-away from the infant area.

Approaching the slide.

And thwarted again! Whaaaaaah. Mean Mommy.


All this great play equipment and Christopher spent the half the party playing at the water fountain.

Mark and Emma (Lilly's foster Dad and sister) with Mike, Olivia and Chris.

It is hard to know what Isaac is thinking here. Perhaps along these lines: "What, another cake?" or maybe, "Wow, that is a big ass cake!"

Yawn. Is the party finally over? Isaac fell asleep before we'd left the parking lot and proceeded to sleep straight through until morning (well, except for waking up to nurse a few times).

Josie and Christopher had the exact same type of bottle. They spent the party trying to get the other's bottle. It amazed us that kids that age could identify a particular bottle type. Isaac will indiscriminately suck on anything that resembles a boob.

We'd heard reports of a helium shortage (seriously, we aren't making that up), so we were relieved to see Fantasy Forest was still able to provide balloons for the party. Here are Josie and Isaac going bananas over the balloons.




Wendy recovered from her mastitis without hospitalization. Isaac continues to nurse happily, though he has given up his daytime bottles so Wendy has been pumping less.

Isaac took several days to recover from his party marathon. His actual birthday ended up being rather uneventful since we were all three pretty well partied out.


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