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We decided to make footprints and handprints of Isaac when he was about a month old. The footprints turned out really well. We neglected to remember, however, that very young infants reflexively make a fist when anything touches their hands. So, the handprints didn't turn out at all.



Isaac gets to play "ride-a ride-a kitty" with Sox.

Here is Isaac in his little sweatsuit from Aunts Kate and Steph. For some reason it has a single hanging thing from the top of the hood. It has sparked multiple conversations about its purpose when Isaac goes out visiting in it. Yes, those are socks on his hands. No one seems to make kiddie mittens in newborn sizes.


Here is Isaac waking up from his nap. He has only just recently started sleeping long enough during the day to call it a "nap" and justify putting him in his crib. Actually, this is only his second crib nap.



Isaac was really enjoying nuzzling Balin's soft fur. Balin, however, got bored and ended up with his paw on top of Isaac. Don't worry, Mom keeps the kitty claws trimmed...Isaac is in more danger from his own nails.


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