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The weekend of August 12th and 13th, Isaac's Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom came for a visit. Isaac showed off all of his cool moves: the inchworm, the army crawl, the almost pull-up, and the to sitting from tummy maneuver. He's been doing these for months now, but no crawling. Then, on Monday the 14th, Wendy walked in to the Duck Room to get Isaac. He was sitting when she came in, then quick as a wink, crawled two steps, surprised himself and went down onto his belly again. The day care teachers were as surprised as Wendy. We didn't expect a repetition of the crawling for awhile (it took him a week to roll over for the second time), but Isaac was OFF like a shot. The next day, he started pulling himself up. By Saturday, we had purchased and installed baby gates at the top of our basement and second floor stairs. By Sunday, he was already trying to crawl up to the second floor (we thought we didn't need to buy a gate for that spot yet). He has been chasing the cats all around the house, comes to see us if we are in another room, and has even discovered a new source of treats in the corner of the dining room.

Isaac also had his 9 month doctor's visit. He has passed two milestones: 1) He has outgrown his baby bjorn (he's over 23 lbs. for those of you who don't own bjorns) and 2) He is more than 1/2 as tall as his Mom (he is 30.1 inches to Wendy's 49.5 inches). Isaac also started clapping to our great delight.

Isaac Dines Out

Isaac enjoys Sunday brunch at Bob Evan's with his grandparents.

Isaac orders cheerios with a side of placemat.


Isaac peruses the children's menu.

Isaac objects to the removal of his side-dish.

Isaac Discovers a New Source of Treats

(almost as tasty as a placemat)

Isaac Explores 1005 Terrace Ln.

Good thing Mom cleaned out the bathroom cupboards yesterday. Isaac was supposed to be playing in his room...


Isaac was busy nursing this afternoon. He popped up to discover Mom eating thin mints. Isaac decided a little cookie to go with his milk was just what the doctor ordered. He's got to keep up his energy somehow...





This was Isaac's first foray down the front hall. He seems obsessed with gnawing on Mom's shoes. Wendy's parents will probably take offense that Isaac is only wearing a diaper here. Let us assure you, we are lucky to have gotten him into anything at all. Isaac likes to crawl away in the middle of diaper changes, often catching large clumps of cat fur on  his damp nether regions.

And after all this, no wonder he's so tired.



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