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Marietta, OH to Visit Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom

Grandma Ankrom had planned a shower/open house for Isaac on Dec. 17. We were planning to drive down on Friday morning (the 16th) to make it in time for Great-grandpa Ankrom's 80th birthday party. On our way home from picking Craig up at the school on Wednesday, however, we heard that heavy snows were forecasted for the next five days. We packed in a huge hurry and Wendy ran across the parking lot to ask Cynthia (Alex's new Mom) to feed the kitties. By 7 p.m. when we finally got on the road, it was already starting to snow. We managed to outrun the storm just east of Maumee on the Ohio turnpike. Isaac did really well--sleeping most of the way with one stop for dinner. We arrived in Marietta at 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning. Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom were quite surprised to wake up and find us there two days early!


In addition to the 80th birthday party, the shower and the open house, Grandma Ankrom wanted to celebrate Christmas. Here Isaac gets his first Christmas gift ever--from Great-grandma Ankrom.


Christmas is just too much stress for a little Jewish boy used to getting his presents stretched out across eight days...

Isaac gets some refreshments at the shower. In the corner of the living room are his Great-great aunt Jean (he was at her 90th birthday party in-utero in June) and his Great-grandpa Ankrom.


Isaac snoozes on Mom's shoulder in front of the Christmas tree.

Isaac's Uncle Troy.

We wish we had more photos from the shower, but the rest turned out really blurry for some reason. Suffice it to say, there was a great turn out and Isaac was a big hit. He will happily snuggle with anyone as long as they are warm.
Dayton, OH to Watch Aunt Steph Play Basketball

The week before Chanukah, we drove down to Dayton, OH to visit Aunt Kate (curly hair) and Aunt Steph (red hair)--the twins--at Wright State. Isaac got to watch Aunt Steph play basketball. He was so enthralled, that he stayed awake all evening and went to sleep at midnight!

Isaac slept so soundly, that Mom woke up every half hour to check on him. Consequently, Mom was exhausted by the next day. Here are Isaac and Mom napping while Craig and Steph shot some hoops.

Sidney, OH to Visit Megan, Josh and Simeon DeVelvis

The next week, we drove down to Sidney, OH for the day to meet up with our friends Megan and Josh DeVelvis. Meg and Josh graduated with us from UC and took jobs at Dow Chemical. We were hoping they would end up in Midland, MI, but they somehow lost their minds and went to...Texas! Here they are with their son Simeon who was born Aug. 3, 2005.

Meg holds Isaac.


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