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Kimberly Ann Ankrom

Kim was born March 30, 1984 in Marietta, OH. She was the answer to Wendy’s prayers: a sibling to play with. And boy oh boy, did Wendy ever have a lot of activities planned: school, house, Barbies (they had an entire town complete with two mansions, a tenement, a mall, an ice rink and a church), Beatles birthday party...the list goes on. Kim always complains to people that while Wendy's Barbie was the town mayor/millionaire, her Barbie was forced to run the cleaning service. And, he was named after the cute boy in Wendy's class. Since Kim doesn't have her own website and we do, Wendy will take this opportunity to set the record straight: She only suggested that Kim make her Barbie head of the cleaning service, and only suggested a name for him. Kim would have been free to name him anything and make him Prime Minister of Canada if she had liked.

Today, Kim is a senior in chemical engineering at Ohio State University and has a full academic scholarship. She is on the OSU equestrian team and placed at state finals last season. This fall she begins the process of applying to vet school—no one but Kim doubts that she will be accepted. Kim works for Lori Lutz, DVM, walking dogs and shoveling poop (not sure what else she does) and volunteers at the OSU Equine Hospital where she probably shovels poop, but mostly gets to watch surgeries and nurse sick horses. Kim is also active in King Ave. Methodist Church (the only church liberal enough to gain the Craig Comisar stamp of approval). She lives with a lot of roommates (did we mention she is way more social than her sister?) and her pampered princess daughter Endora.