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Wow, I can't believe I managed the computer technical skills to lift this photo out of Purdue's website...but here she is...Kim Comisar (in white) kicking the butt of Mia Hamm. Do click on the Mia Hamm link to truly appreciate this picture. According to Steve, Hamm's coach had to move her to another position because she was getting so angry at Kim. Kim's coach promptly moved Kim to the new position.

Kimberly Fay Comisar

Kim was born September 27, 1983. Steve says she is his mother reincarnated—indomitable personality and all. While Craig was a very easy-going, well-behaved kid, Kim had a mind of her own and didn’t mind showing it and/or vocally sharing it. We are hoping to eventually add a link here to a video newscast Kim organized for an elementary school project...check back in a few months. It features all four Comisars and Craig playing bari sax.

Kim is starting her 5th year at Purdue where she has majored in business. She has a full soccer scholarship and was their only freshman starter a few years ago. During the summers, she plays semi-pro soccer (as in the above photo). To read more about Kim's soccer career, click here.