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March 2006 Newsletter

Although March has just begun, it has already generated lots of photos, so we thought we'd give a preview to our newsletter. The second weekend in March, Isaac's Bubbe and Zayde (grandparents Comisar) came to visit. Isaac was quite enamored with Craig's mother, giving her more laughs than we've yet heard.  

Thursday, March 9, Isaac had his first (and hopefully last) visit to the ER. One of Wendy's hairs had gotten wrapped tightly around his toe and formed a tourniquet. We suspect that the hair had been there for over a month (Wendy recalls finding hair on that toe awhile ago and thinking she'd removed all of it). As he grew, the hair began to cut off circulation and to cut through the skin. For details and pictures, click here.

March 10 marked the one year anniversary of our positive home pregnancy test. We were so excited and nervous. We never could have imagined a son as wonderful as the one God blessed us with!

The weekend of March 10 also happened to be graduate recruitment weekend. This is when our department flies in all the students they've admitted for the following year to wine them and dine them. Well, it is supposed to go that way but somehow we can't ever quite get things to run as smoothly as other schools do. We tend to be plagued by a lack of interest from current members of the department. This year, however, our fellow graduate students turned out en masse to recruit the new students. To showcase how family-friendly our department is, Isaac was required to be on the scene. Considering he'd just had toe surgery, he was quite a trooper over the two days of recruitment!

Craig and Isaac catch a nap at the poster session on Friday night. Craig had been out quite late welcoming the recruits to the hotel the night before--the reason he missed the entire toe episode.

Wendy's officemate, Khamir, bravely holds Isaac. Only the day before, Isaac had yakked all over Khamir. Wendy is convinced by his interest in Isaac that it is high time Khamir lets his mother find him a wife. Perhaps he will find one this spring when he visits India for a few weeks.

Isaac is held by one of the movers and shakers in the college of engineering. Considering she is successful, brilliant, beautiful and Jewish, Wendy thinks Isaac would do well to find someone just like her to marry someday.

Spring has sprung in Ypsilanti. To be fair, we never really had a winter this year. The flowers probably didn't even need to hibernate. The birds could have saved their energy and not migrated. Sunday, March 11 was in the 60s and sunny. We took Isaac out for his first walk without being all bundled up.

Early iris and crocuses in our front yard.

Isaac in his stroller on our patio--ready to roll.

Isaac falls asleep with his hand on the bottle. Craig can't understand why he isn't allowed to do this.

We saw our first goldfinch of the season on 3/12.

After months of putting out corn, we finally caught a squirrel in the act of eating it.