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We aren't sure where September went! Just yesterday we were writing the August newsletter and intending to post it right away...alas, it had to go straight to archives by the time we got around to posting it.

September was full of hectic baby preparations. Wendy finished Isaac's quilt top, his monkey blanket, his sheet savers and his birth sampler. We took no less than 3 baby courses: breast-feeding, infant care, and childbirth preparation. We are now as prepared as it is possible to be to become parents.

BooBoo the vegetarian monster had to come along to breastfeeding classes to practice positioning. He looks a little embarrassed to be there, don't you think? (By the way, Linda gave him the name BooBoo back in 2003 in Williamsburg. Craig had to buy him for Wendy to keep her from crying over the horrible lunch she'd had at one of the historic Williamsburg restaurants. Won't we make great parents?! It is completely coincidental that he is named "BooBoo" and came to a class all about "booboos") 

Craig began his fall teaching job. This time he is running a chemistry tutorial for 2 hours on Sunday evenings. Although any students are welcome, it is geared for the kids he taught over the summer. As part of the job, Craig gets paid to sit through chemistry 101 lectures. The first day he walked into the class, his students sent up a cheer for him. The professor was quite taken aback and wanted to know who was this guy. Craig must be doing something right, the other review sessions have 2 or 3 kids a week, but his run between 12 and 27 (the day before the 1st exam). After all of this experience, Craig has decided he wants to teach so has started sending his CV out to community colleges in the area looking for a full-time position.

The third weekend of the month, our friends Clare, Steph and Decky threw us a baby shower. There was a great turn-out. We really appreciated the support of our family and friends, many of whom drove a long way, in celebrating with us. Isaac also got set-up with lots of loot, including three copies of A Light in the Attic! We got books, toys, clothes, diapers, a diaper pail, a double-barreled breast pump, a porta-crib, miscellaneous baby linens and lots of baby feeding equipment. Our camera was out of batteries, so we don't have any pictures to post. After the shower, our out-of-town guests all came back to the house for dinner and to celebrate Linda's 53rd (yikes!) birthday. Clare had bought 1/2 sheet cake for the shower and Randy bought two 1/8 sheet cakes for Linda's birthday. By the end of the week, even Wendy had had enough cake! We did get it all eaten, though, thanks to a little help from Wendy's officemates.

At the very end of September, we learned that we are going to be an aunt and uncle. No, none of our biological sisters are expecting. Rather, Wendy's host sister Kathi is pregnant. She is due April 11. 

Baby Stutz-Lenz at 12 weeks. Wendy thinks it looks like a girl...we'll see if she is right again.

Wendy had two doctor's appointments in September. She has topped the scales at 130lb and is feeling great (except for a cold last week). Isaac is still busy squirming around so the doctor can't find his heartbeat. Other than having a little trouble getting in and out of the car and buckling her sandals (Craig has to do this for her now), she isn't much different from her usual self.