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Steve and Becky were a little surprised to find out that their third baby was actually two. Since Becky's grandma Minnie had a twin sister Ninnie (no, we aren't joking), maybe it shouldn't have been such a surprise.

Katie (left) and Steph playing for the Firebirds in high school.


As a precursor to my younger sisters' snippets, I'll place an informational tidbit.  I've been informed that my sisters are mildly peeved that they have to share a web page where my other sister (Kim) gets her own page.  Point taken.... and since my salary for preparing this site is so high, I'll get "right on it".  My sisters have been informed that when they mail/email me more pictures, I will give them their own page.  [Sort of like getting your own room when you're a kid except not as exciting].

Stephanie Renae Comisar

Steph was born August 29, 1985. Somehow she ended up with fiery orange hair and freckles. No clue where those came from. Steph is a junior at Wright State University where she is majoring in business. She has a full basketball/soccer scholarship. In high school she was an all-state goalie.




Katie Lynn Comisar

Kate was born a few minutes after Steph and couldn’t be more different—except for the soccer. Kate has curly brown hair and a sweet disposition. “She’s the nice one,” Craig always says. “She’s my baby,” Steve says.

Kate had a few accidents as a child. Somehow—the details of this story are a little foggy—her head ended up under the wheel of Kim’s bicycle. Craig taught her to catch a basketball by throwing it at her face as hard as he could. You could say she learned the hard way. Her worst accident involved a golf club. The ball fell off the tee and Katie helpfully bent down to replace it. Just then, Craig completed his swing, sinking the head of the golf club into Katie’s skull. Katie got life-flighted to Children’s hospital and Craig got drugged (he was absolutely distraught). After digging fragments of bone out of her brain, the doctors managed to save Katie’s life. (A story almost identical to hers made it on to Discovery Channel’s real-life emergency shows recently.)

Today Kate is also a junior at Wright State. She is there on a soccer scholarship. Kate spent the summer teaching inner-city kids math and P. E. in Dayton, OH. Her degree will be in special education.

We have more Kate stories, but Steph is feeling a little neglected, so you'll have to wait until we've added some more Steph stuff.