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A younger Becky and Steve with Craig.

Steven Douglas Yeshiah Comisar

Steve was originally born Stephen, but says he couldn’t figure out how to spell his name in Kindergarten so they changed the spelling to Steven. He also let Craig grow up thinking he’d been so dumb he failed the 5th grade. In truth, he failed because he was out almost the entire year with a childhood illness that nearly killed him.

Steve was the youngest of Faye and Shalom’s three sons. Steve says Craig takes after his oldest brother Manny Maor Comisar. Manny married Lois Stahl and has 4 children and 8 grandchildren. Lois, may her memory be a blessing, passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2002. Steve spent the most time as a young man with his middle brother Bob. Bob is a character…we’ll leave it at that…and he and Steve got into a lot of mischief together.

Steve married Rebecca Pierce in 1978. They worked together at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Becky was putting herself through night school at the University of Cincinnati.  Steve’s first of four children Craig was born when he was 39. Craig was followed several years later by Kim then by twins Steph and Kate.

Today Steve and Becky live outside of West Chester, Ohio. The highlight of their life is watching their three daughters play soccer. Last year, an enthusiastic Steve won the chicken dance competition at a Wright State game. Kate and Steph were rather mortified.

Rebecca Lynn Rivka Pierce Comisar

Becky was born on New Year’s Day in 1955. She was one of 7 children of Otis and Mary June Pierce. Otis worked at the Keebler Cookie Factory. June took care of the kids and her many pets. June loved to fish, watch Nascar (she died within months of her favorite racecar driver--Dale Earnhart), was a cracker-jack Scrabble player and knew all of the answers on Jeopardy. The Pierces weren’t very well off, but Becky managed to work very hard in school, graduating first in her class from Fayetteville High School. Eventually, she was able to work her way through night school at University of Cincinnati and finished with a degree in math (she would have today been a computer scientist but the field didn’t exist at the time).

Becky spends her free-time refereeing soccer and basketball and attending her daughters’ sporting events. She also loves to work on home and garden projects (does this sound like anyone else you know?).