Sukkot 2005
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We conned our friends into helping us put our sukkah up this year. Normal people would not have bothered with a sukkah three weeks before their due date. Not Wendy. 

We engineered the sukkah last year to be easily re-erected. This was the first test of our design. Other than forgetting which size of bolt (there were five different sizes) went with which connection (we have now written it down), the sukkah erection went quite smoothly. 

Don't have a clue what a sukkah is? Click here.

Left to right: Najda, Craig, Bruce. How many engineers does it take to put up a sukkah? Here are two (Bruce and Craig).

Here is another engineer: Ken, married to Najda.

Bruce shows doubt at Decky's ability to help us with the sukkah raising. Actually, we aren't sure why Bruce is making this strange face. 

And engineer number four: Wendy putting up decorations.

The finished sukkah. 

Here are some of our High Holy Day decorations in our diningroom. Balin is taking a bath specially for sukkot.


Kinsa enjoyed climbing up the walls of the sukkah and walking across the top. Fortunately, she decided the cornstalks wouldn't bare her weight before falling down on our dinner.

Shabbat in the sukkah with friends...lots of friends. We managed to fit everyone in. Left to right: Rob, Devon, Gwynne, Bruce, Ken, Najda, Mike, Decky, Chundan and Wendy.



Ken shaking the lulav and etrog.