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Walking Man
Isaac is a walking, talking, signing, singing, dancing sort of guy these days. Read all about it.
Birthday Boy
So, you say its your birthday?
Fall 2006
Read about Isaac's first fall.
Isaac On the Move


The day after turning 9 months old, Isaac suddenly, and we mean suddenly, figured out how to crawl. He'd been stuck at the almost crawling for so long, people were starting to say he might be one of those babies who never learned to crawl. Click here to read about some of his adventures.
Isaac with the Ankrom Mishpakah.

Click here to see photos from Isaac's visits with the Ankroms in Columbus, OH.

Here Isaac is enjoying time with his great-grandpa Ankrom (Mamaw).

Isaac with the Comisar Mishpakah

Click here to read about the family reunion.


Summertime Fun in Michigan

Read about Isaac's newest achievements, his summer activities and his most recent school expulsion. Click here.

As always, Isaac is a hit with the ladies! (Our friend Tom requested more photos of the Costa Rican au pairs from the Isaac and Dad page, so here you go Tom.)

Isaac is home alone with Dad

I mean really how hard could it be??? Click here to see.

Isaac is 6 months old
Isaac is 6 months old now. He hasn't grown much recently. He's now 28" long and weighs 19lbs. 14 ozs. He's starting to really get control over his out, he'll be crawling soon! Click here for more photos.
Isaac is 4 & 5 months old
Isaac is really starting to become a little person--complete with likes and dislikes. If there was any doubt before, there isn't now...Isaac is in charge! Click here to read more.
Isaac Keeps on Growing

See his progress on our personal CDC growth chart... there is nothing engineers enjoy more than charts and tables.  We will try to add other babys' progress to this chart as their parents send us the info...hint, hint.

Isaac Goes to the ER

Read about Isaac's harrowing trip to the ER to save his toe--complete with photos.

Baby Isaac Is Oh So Cute
Baby Isaac is 3 1/2 months old now and is starting to become a little person all himself. He has started taking an interest in the world. He grabs for and plays with toys, discovered that kitties are soft, loves to be sung to...and requires constant stimulation. His newest trick to get instant attention is to scream at the top of his lungs, wave his little fists and turn bright red. Apparently we hadn't been responding quickly enough before...let us tell you, he definitely gets our attention now! To see more, click here.
Baby Isaac is GROWING
Baby Isaac is getting HUGE. We ran into our ob at a party recently. She was shocked at how big he's gotten. "It's all that white gold he's drinking." Isaac's pediatrician asked if we've been giving him super charged breast milk. To see more pictures and read about his progress, click here.
Pidyon HaBen
Isaac's Pidyon Haben was on Dec. 27, 2005. He looks a lot more chilled out on the alter than the original Isaac probably did. Click here for more photos.
Isaac's First Big Trips
Isaac got to take some pretty long trips in December. Read all about them and see pics here.
Chillin' with Isaac
Isaac is now six weeks old. We are all finally getting used to each other. Orion has stopped being depressed that he can't sleep with us...well, at least we've not been finding piles of pooh next to the litter box lately. Isaac has started falling asleep by 12:30 (rather than 3) and only wakes up at 4:30 and 6:30 for feedings. Just as the parenting book predicted, he has started getting much fussier especially in the evenings. We've discovered, however, that he is much happier if we get him out of the house for a walk or a shopping trip. Here are pictures of Isaac hanging out with the rest of his family.
Baby Isaac Alone with Mom and Dad
We all survived the first week without Grandma Ankrom around. By the end we were all a little cranky, but holding in there. Here we are at Tot Shabbat. To see more photos from Isaac's third week, click here.
Isaac Models His Footwear

Isaac models his 3rd world fair trade hat and his doggy slippers from Aunt Kim Ankrom.


This is what Isaac wore for his bris. The original outfit we bought him was 0 to 3 months. (Do any of these clothing and diaper manufacturers actually go out and try their products on real babies?!) It was so big, that we could tie the legs together in a knot. Grandma Ankrom and Wendy took Isaac to Briarwood mall the Thursday before his bris to find this one. The doggy socks arrived in the mail that day--a gift from Wendy's cousin LeeAnn.

Isaac models his University of Michigan socks he got from Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom. These cost as much as one of the newborn sleepers we bought him. What would kids clothing manufacturers do without grandparents?

Isaac Is Two Weeks Old!
Isaac had a busy second week between his bris on Monday and Thanksgiving on Thursday. No wonder he looks so sleepy! To see more, click here.
Isaac's Bris
The bris took place on November 21st at our home. Nearly 20 of our friends and family squeezed into our living room to celebrate. Isaac survived his circumcision and naming. He barely fussed until the end when he got hungry. Wendy is refastening his bris outfit before feeding him. To see more click here.

Check-out that awesome brown chair we found in our neighbor's trash. Wendy made Craig go knock on their door to make sure they really wanted rid of it.

Baby Isaac Finishes Week 1 Strong
Isaac celebrates a strong end to week 1 after the milk scare.  He rounded out the week with his first shabbat, a visit from Aunt Kim Ankrom, and his first Michigan vs. Ohio State football game.  To see more click here

To the left we see Isaac showing the camera his gangsta pose.

Baby Isaac Comes Home...and Gives Us a Scare

The boys take a well-deserved nap on our first day home from the hospital. Grandma Ankrom stayed to help us care for Isaac for the first few weeks. Since we were way over our heads, this was a real life-saver. Especially when Isaac decided to give us a real scare three days after birth. For more photos and details, click here.
Baby Isaac At the Hospital
Isaac Herschl Comisar was born at 10:43 pm on November 13, 2005. He weighed 7lb. 14oz. and was 21 inches long. Many thanks to the delivery team at University of Michigan Hospital who helped Isaac into the world. To see more photos, click here.
Wendy's Labor

For the avid readers of our website, I was supposed to be induced late on the evening of Nov. 13th. Fortunately, I went into labor on my own beginning on the 12th. I say fortunately, because being induced is extra painful and as it happened, the birthing center was SLAMMED on the evening of the 13th. I would have ended up having my induction rescheduled.

The story of labor and delivery is now complete. We warn you that this is not for the sqeamish, prudish, or faint of heart. To read if you here.

Wendy and Craig's Prenatal Preparations

Click here to see the Isaac naming story, ultrasound pictures, and Isaac's room or click here to see Wendy's growing tummy through the pregnancy or click here to view Wendy's craft projects for Isaac.