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40 Weeks

This is 40 weeks plus 4 days. My doctor decided today that Isaac is fully baked and had better not wait to come out. We were going to go to the hospital Sunday evening to be induced....but he decided to start coming Saturday night.


39 Weeks

And to see a better view of the here.

 35 Weeks

Here we are at 35 weeks. Two acquaintances in the past two days have failed to recognize me so I must be getting bigger. I also seem to have developed freckles sometime during the night of Oct. 1. I went to bed with my 26 year old face and woke-up in a time warp with my 6 year old freckles! This is definitely one we couldn't find listed in the "What To Expect When You're Expecting" pregnancy symptoms list. 

The timer has finally popped out, though Isaac still has a little baking left. To see the timer, click here. We didn't want to include this on the main page because so many of Wendy's family members seem to be offended by a bare belly. 

36 Weeks

I'm 136lbs. and finally had to buy some warmer maternity clothes. My Dad enjoyed telling all the parents in Mimi Maternity that soon they'd be back shopping with their daughters.

37 Weeks

Here I am with the famous naked people in front of the nursing school. The statue got taken down during some construction and just recently got put back up. I guess to deter peoples' doing what I'm doing, the new location is elevated about 3.5 feet in the air (the old location was down on the sidewalk). Craig thought I could manage to scale the concrete slab to get up there...clearly I eventually did! We learned some important things about this sculpture by getting so close: a) the man is not actually molesting the child as we'd always supposed, b) the woman is holding an apple so it must be Adam, Eve and one of their kids, c) they are waaay bigger than life size!

To see my belly, click here.

More Pictures of Baby Isaac (won't you be glad when he's born and you can actually see him instead of Wendy?)

Baby Isaac at 29 weeks, visiting Daddy's office. Wendy can absolutely not buckle these sandals anymore! Of course, it may just be the sandals not the belly...Craig had trouble getting them buckled, too.

Practicing the cross-cradle hold at breastfeeding class. Many thanks to BooBoo the vegetarian monster for his patience. He made it through two classes. Craig only made it through one. Of course, if Craig had gotten to be involved in cross-cradle holding, maybe he would have come back for the second class...

24 Weeks